Friday, January 14, 2011

Joote kahan utaare the!

We left our shoes behind
In a place that we call ours
We left them and went ahead
We broke through the rusty bars.

We didn't care much about the shoes
We cared more about the road
Our soles grew old and weathered away
Instead we went on; we strode.

And now we bought new shoes again
To draw footprints on the road with them
And again we left them behind somewhere
A never ending cycle; we did the same.

We didn't care much; we abandoned the pair
We walked along barefoot, fighting the thorny road

Our soles grew older and weathered away
Instead we went on; we strode.

{Got bored with Julius Caesar being taught in our English class at school....I have no problem with the chapter but the way she teaches will instantly make you feel drowsy. So wrote a poem instead.}



  1. Hey !
    The simplicity in your Poem was Touche*

    btw..i loved the Julius Caesar chapter in school...:)

  2. Thanks Lehari...I checked out your blog! It's lovely! :)

  3. oh wow!
    Girl, this was such a lovely and thought provoking read !
    Kudos, keep it up !

  4. Thanks enchantaaaaaa :)

    Thanks for commenting.

    Btw you write awesome poems.

  5. titir.. ekta gan sunis..
    "chhinno patar saajai toroni"..

    oikhane last stanza te buro vodrolok eirokom e kichu bole giyechhilen.. =)

  6. If this is what you do when drowsy, I'd really want to read when your creative juices are up and running.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Thank you Blasphemous Aesthete.

    The thing is it's been a while that I haven't penned down stuff. Don't feel like it at the moment :P


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