Sunday, January 30, 2011

Send me to hell.

I feel like giving myself a tight slap on both my damned cheeks. I was the world's most greediest and jealous person alive today. I am ashamed. Golu you were soo right in saying I am the most jealous prick.

As if I don't get to eat. Damned what happens to me when I lay my eyes on food. I have no control. I suck at it. I should be ashamed. I am. From today, NO STARING AT FOOD AND STOP BEHAVING LIKE YOU DON'T GET TO EAT. AND STOP BEING STUPID. GAWD, THE REPENTANCE. :|

Bloody damned me.


Hate myself.

I should be drowned and burnt and then sprayed with peppermint. Curses on me.


  1. u should be drowned for writing this.... i mean srsly... get a life... stop frying u'r brain cells.... tht jealous thingy was joke for Godsakes.... just think.... the pen is greener somewhere else... tht's all...
    apart from tht... nice post...

  2. as they say some people live to eat and others eat to live.....

  3. @Golu Still man!
    @Karan Fucking have u left school? :P Where the hell are you? Btw thanks for your first comment.

  4. Every food that is worth eatable, is worth droolable. So stop cursing your self, and if you still want to, don't forget to hand over that plate of food to my likes. :P

    Cheer Up,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Back with a bang.Bang in this case a bald head :P

  6. Oh it'll grow... at least u didn't wear a cap or anything to not show the bald. Bindaas!

  7. its not like im worried abt the bald head.Actually its ok and im cool wid it


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