Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 ends

It has been a year. A year that has given me new things. A year that has given me people, experiences and on the same line-taken away people I heart. It has been a strange year.Certainly did make me grow as a person. Made me more strong and on the same time more caring. Made me do bad mistakes and learn from them as a person.
School trip December 2010 :)

Made me a better human being - and isn't that all we aim for?

This year has given me two close friends, friends who know me too well. From getting through hard times to having the best evenings in my life, from long chats on the phone to missing ourselves on holidays, from eating out to having the mossst fun....2010 gave me two more best friends - Sek and Jnan. We misunderstand each other but deep down under we care and love each other a lot.

2010 ended on 31st taking my granddad away from me just like that, left me back with the best memories with the man who is one of my idols. His whole life is an inspiration. To be or to do even a quarter of what he has done this life, would be an achievement. I love my dadu soo much that it's hard to explain. All I can do is help out with the family he has left behind, cherish the loveliest memories I've had and try to fulfill the dreams he had. Dadu was one of the best human beings I've known. From helping the poor to helping out the family like each and every member is his own son/daughter. Looking at him go with a smile on his face, made me feel that this is what I want to be...this is the way life should be led. Dadu knew to love! He knew to care about people and give his heart out to them. There is soo much to write about him that a thing like a blog is soo not worth it. I love him to the core and will miss all the lovely times we spent together sipping tea and talking about everything ranging from language, politics, music, dance to history, his childhood stories, his travel experience, his dream! I love him and will do forever!

2011 will be hard. Friends will leave to places for there +2 education. It will be very hard to say goodbye to people I've spent soo many precious times with. I don't want to let them go. Not now.

I love my best friends - Shankha, Golu, Isha and Anwesha. I thank them for all they've given me. All the ways they've helped me. I want them to know that I think about them a lot and care for them each and everyday.
I thank my parents and my family back home. I love Tito :) To all these people...if I've hurt you in any way, I've never done that out of any evil feelings, maybe I got carried away or something. I am sorry if I've hurt you. I really mean it when I say I love you people.

School trip. December 2010
I love this pic!
I couldn't be selfish enough to expect a better 2010. So bring on the new experiences, times of mirth, times to shed tears, times that won't be that good but it's all about moving on and living it. So let's LIVE like it's the last year left!


(Caution: Emotional overdose is what I'll call this post. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!)


  1. A fabulous post after so many days.......good job...
    (i never comment in your blog....i did for this one....believe me it ain't emotional overdose)

  2. :) Thanks golu :) And do keep up with the commenting!

  3. why.. we call 31 December, the 'year end'?
    ever wondered what would've happen if the date of year end is a bit early.. or a bit late in the January? heh..

    as a child.. i always wondered what is wrong with a 50 second minute .. or perhaps a 100 second?
    i used to be sick at those time calculations in KG class.. i remember.. !

    some month ago i found out.. at least one more
    person thought about that as a child..

    care to know his views?

    more of him at..

    keep writing sam B =)

  4. this post of ur's reminded me of my childhood..n my schooldays !! i missed my frnds too and everything was so confusin back thn !!

    I wish you all the luck this year n cheers gal ! good blog !

  5. Thanks soo much cadburygal :) I love ur blog name. Will check out your blog. And childhood is the best!


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