Thursday, January 27, 2011

Because I was forced to post. :P

Golu this one is for you because you begged kid. :P

The header above is from a dance performance which had less of dancing and more of drama in it. Doing the function was a learning experience. The person with me in that picture is Sonali Mashi who is an exceptional dancer and a choreographer as well. The dance was mainly based on bits of freestyle rabindranritya and bits of manipuri. The drama is based on Rabindranath's  dance-drama Chandalika. It's a dramatic story and has a very important message of judging a person not by her race, her color but purely by the human being she is. It says things like - Every person around you has the same blood flowing through his/her body ... so how do we call someone to be a low-caste person or someone to be superior!

I am sleepy. Very very sleepy and my partially open eyes are not helping so I'll call it a day.

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  1. yeah yeah nice.... i fail to see how i forced u to do it..... anyway, god job as always...

  2. Thank you. U certainly did :P


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