Friday, January 7, 2011

I should be sued!

I know I've stopped posting and I am very ashamed but still hope you guys had a funnn new year!

Is it tooo late to make resolutions?

Hell with being late-

Here are mine for 2011...

  • I will be in shape and will be fit
  • I'll finish off all the episodes of friends
  • I will love my friends and will be by them all the time.
  • I will NOT hurt anyone close to me.
  • I will NOT hurt myself for things that aren't my fault.
  • I will try to be better at math and football.
  • I will have funnnnnnnnnnnnn and will be happpppy :P Period.
Erm.....the whole intension was to make a resolution thing....but well I went into things that I WANT 2011 to hold.

Cheers to a good year ahead.



  1. Love the first and the last one! ;)

  2. you still havent washed all episodes of FRIENDS???? u really sud be sued!:P

  3. @CC I haven't been to your blog. Imma check out. Thanks for commenting :)
    @colours Well, I haven't seen something like 3-4 :P epis most probably!


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