Saturday, March 19, 2011


Post a 1 hr shower :P I feel like I'm out of the sets of Avatar! The pics where I am apparently there (?) :P will be uploaded later.



  1. I look like a green monster and I showered twice. I used aftershave on my face which did help a bit but then of course it began to sting. and then *drumroll* i used a pumice stone on my face :P
    I know. a pumice stone. on my face.
    Classic right? but i was simplyyyy desperate!!!
    Which ofcourse led to my face stinging like HELL when I put lotion because all the skin on top is kinda gone...
    Amar class-er pagol chhele gulo jaa paaka rong bolbo.

  2. oh and every single time i put lotion face stings like a hundred jellyfish are on it.
    no kidding. dead serious. :/ :(

  3. oh and absolutely forgot to add before :P sorry
    but Souvik Kaku made the awesomest song :D ever

  4. Souvik kaku song? WHAT SONG?! You have to tell me cos he won't :P

    And Dude Mine hasn't even got off my face. I didn't try much though. Was too tired. Went to football looking like a blast vivtim. People around me were like...didn't u just shower now? And about your class guys....they put stupid color all over my face as well. I mean HAMLA korlo! And KOKO ke diyechi. He started running away from me. Anyways...seriously had fun. :D HEHE!

    And pumice stone...isnt that for the ankles. Gawd face...thats pretty harsh. You should have known the consequences. I'm picturing mashi's face the moment you got back home. She must have freaked out. Ill check on that later.


  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    Awesome! :P

    Happy holi!

  6. Thank you :) Have fun tom....oh wait its past 12. :P have fun today then!

    Happy holi :)

  7. hehehe...i'll tell you about the song later :D

    aar bolish face is cut and bruised all over :P


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