Monday, March 7, 2011

Hear me out!


To begin with .... the damned exams haven't even started. I look around me and see people celebrating the post exam fun and how they'll get new books and will go to the next class. And here we are stuck with exams that haven't even started. How irritating is that!

And it's soo hot here in kgp. As if we've run through a time lapse and landed on May where you want to wear the minimum of clothes and stay in AC ed rooms the whole day. Sucks the heat sucks.

And on top of it, there's this wrist sprain which is just plain bad and makes me completely complain about it the whole day. And the doc says no football for 30 days. Is that humanly possible I ask you? What has the world come to? Stop playing for 30 freakin days for an insignificant sprain? I mean seriously! U want me dead?

And the only silver lining I see amidst all this nonsense, is a party today night.

Thank you.

And @Antara I wish I had my exams over. U have no idea how loserrrrrr I feel right now with stupid SST books all arnd me! *sigh*

Funny movie there. Watch it if you haven't already. The proposal!
Bye bye,



  1. I'm feeling the exams too! Have to put blog on hold for a while.

    And May 95? You talented foetus you! ;)

  2. Yes exams ruin all the fun, don't they?

    Are u May born too? And srsly foetus? Bleh!

  3. 30 days! :O ok that IS shitty.
    hey...don't worry...i'm not exactly having fun...down with fever. :( plus YOU are having exams so my post-exam fun is not really happening...bleh.
    and dude. SST is a 1000 times better than physics or chem. oh well, you'll experience that soon enough ;)
    let the exams end, then we'll have fun again. it's been effin ages!

  4. oh and how the hell did you screw your wrist this time? :/

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  6. You're welcome :) Go and make a blog of your own!


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