Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick update on stuff

Im playing a LOT of football. My cousin has come to kgp which makes things awesome. Although he loves Golu more than me but hes soo awesome that the jealousy doesnt get in between. Im kidding Golu!

Btw exams have finally FINALLY opened up there arms and I will thankfully dive in and give them a big hug. Starts with math. And then comes HOLI. Who cares abt the next exam. I have colors to put on people, water balloons to hit on wet backs, and pichkaris to play with.

Yes the color, the water ! I make a great deal out of Holi, Diwali and Durga Puja! They make me go yeaaaah :)

I took photos. Many many. Will upload them when I get time. And I'm reading the last song again. Dont ask me why.

The weather here is on and off. Sometimes its heaven and then its stinking hot.

I have been catching up with a childhoos friend and we've been chatting a lot. Good to hear from people that uve never talked for 6 yrs.

I love the fact I can share stuff with my little bro like the fact that Im secretly riding a bike and stuff. HAHA! :D He doesn't tell a soul. And we laugh like crazy people.

You can feel I'm having a good time. And before I completely whip the thought out of my stupid little mind, Kudos to ANZIE for rocking at Eng. GO you!

Bye take care rock it just move it move it



    did i tell you i love you? thanks so much! there seem to be only these few people who are looking happy about my English marks :P

    and hey I just called you right now (it's 5:20 by the way) to wish you best of luck but you're ofcourse out to play...I should have known :P
    but're not supposed to play for 30 days right??? :| take care!


  2. oh and even i can't WAIT for holi! :D

    have fun with your cousin!!! missing you guys at school. the school's literally almost empty. SOOOO many not there.
    and it's kinda weird being the senior most without rumil and roshni. actually VERY weird. i was so used to seeing them. bleh.
    so come to school. fast :P

  3. Not 1 but 2 comments. I love youuuu cos people like shankha and golu say that they'll comment if they have time. What friends! Ur comments make ma dayy however clichéd that may be but still!

    ANyways I'll be coming tom 2 school. And enjoy being the seniors. Even tho I can not even digest the fact those two are not in school anymore. I mean they are kids and should be in school. Gawd I love them. Damn we've really grown up. How time flies!

    And yes dida did tell me you called and I won't stop playing..keeps me sane. And thank you for the wishes :)

    Much love

    Me. :P


  5. Color every color of Holi as well as Maths as they pass by you... and do hit a goal in exams. :P

    All the best.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Thanks a lot Blasphemous. You put it soo well. I totally aim to do so.

    Cheers to you :)

  7. Not that we know each other..just came across your it and it made me nostalgic. Great effort..hope you never stop writing and keep improving it.
    God bless ya.

  8. Thank you anonymous :) Yes, that's what I hope to do.

  9. hehehe...i check in everyday to see if you have a new post :P actually every hour... :P that is whenever I switch on my computer.

    i know :| though I don't know if I can call them 'kids' :P dude i can't even call YOU a kid. but interestingly for the next 2 months, rumil,roshni and the others and us (i.e. me and my class) are in the same class (12th grade i mean) :P whole year without them in school... :(( emnitei class-e thakte bhalo lagche na...i'll tell you why later. guys are also going to be seniors. can't wait to see you guys in the class 11 fire ;)
    exam toh bhaloi geche i am sure...maths after all.

    and about growing up...tell me about it... :/ bittersweet.

    fine play...but know your limits ok? your body has its limits...don't forget that.

    love you too!!!!

  10. Ah I do the same...then I check again if you've replied...and then my heart skips beat ( filmyyyy ;) ) when I see your follow up much love!!

    And yes 11. Gosh scares me at times. :P

    And football is ONNNNNNNNN

  11. Ok yeah that WAS filmyyyyy!!! :P

    hehe don't worry...main hoon na ;) plus you'll do good...not like me who pretty much flunked it :P

    gosh i haven't seen you play in a LONG while


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