Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Pokemon craze

Priyanka's post here totally took me back to my pokemon days. And yes @ 5 pm, we would all group up around the TV and go maaad about the show. That half an hour was SO important. We would be oblivious of what was going on around us.

And it didn't end there. We fought with fake pokeballs, screaming out the names of our favorites and have imaginary fights...would make them evolve after every level. It was this whole new craze.

Then the CARDS arrived. I made my ma crazzy buying cheetos to get those cards. I remember they even gave pokemon books free. We would exchange cards. It was so awesome. 

Charizard was my favorite. It evolved from charmeleon which evolved from charmander.

Then there was tyranitar...looked like an armored dragon and was soo dangerous at battle!

I remember the leaugues and how excited we would get after every win. 

Charizard was dragon-like, could fly, it could blast-burn. Was one of Ash's most powerful Pokemons. 

And pikachu with her "Pikka Pikka" was all along the show. Jigglypuff and her doodling on faces. And the songs, we knew all of them by heart.

I have soo much to write about but can't because of the EXAMS :|  

Anyways leaving you with a pic of Charizardddddddddddddd

Pokemon was my favorite anime when I was a kid....Buying DVDs of the whole series is totally there on my bucket list..

Buh bye,
SAM B :)


  1. I was crazy like HELL about Digimon but you know that :P Angemon!!! ah! *drool*

    my fav Pokemon...hmmm...that's hard...Pikachu was cute! I loved it when he messed up his lightning power and shocked everyone! Jigglypuff was funny!!! I don't think I had a fav.
    I had SO MANY cards! gosh! those really were the days huh!

  2. Yes I know abt ur digimon-madness.

    The cards were in every damned household with a kid!

    Those were the days. :)

    Thank you for commenting, finally someone did. jk! :P

  3. aw..i love the nostalgic feeling i get reading posts like this one...

    Loved the early morning 8:30am pokemon show with my bro..
    I miss HOME. i miss that age of which maybe you reside at present.

  4. Nah Im a bit older than that stage :P But yes I'm still at home. And thanks for commenting. You have a nice blog as well!

  5. Wow! I felt old reading your post :) Coz the phase you kids had with pokemon, we had that with Tom n Jerry, Powerpuff Girls etc :P There was no pokemon when I was growing up :D Thanks for always commenting :)

  6. Tom and Jerry is classic. Your not old. Puhlease! And I love going through your blog, hence the commenting :)


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