Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No. 78

The Exams have finally started. Had one today which was Math. Easy paper.

I hope to get a 100 if things go right. And now there's a 7 day break before the next paper which is a tough one. SST.

But before that comes HOLI. :D

PS I couldn't think of a title hence the lame 78. Don't judge me k? :P

PPS  Found this in some blog...I don't remember which though.:P The main point is that it's awesome. This is how lyrics should be written. It's soo easy to sing now and soo much fun :) And also the fact that this particular song is one of my favorites. Like I love it. And who the hell doesn't love the Beatles? WTF! U don't? Dig a grave for yourself, bang your head hard on the wall and die. Like GO LISTEN TO SOME BEATLES AND THEN COME BACK HERE. TILL THEN NO ENTRY. SRSLY. AND YES I'M SERIOUS. ( I know I get hyper with the Beatles in my mind )


  1. Okay, that's like awesome. I was actually singing along the song, once i saw this lyric board. But then Hey Jude is so poetic. It has a definite scheme. Can't do this for every song.

    P.S best of luck for the remaining papers. =)

  2. That's true ... not for every song but isn't the idea new? I loved it.

    Thanks meher! :D tc!

  3. you always rock in math :D you'll rock sst too you'll see...and then it'll be bittersweet...no more sst...you'll see, you'll miss it TERRIBLY in class 11

    and that flowchart...is GENIUS. I just can't get over its awesome-ness

  4. @Ria Jantam ud feel the awesomeness sistah :)

    And what can I say about SST? Wait, I dont want to talk about it now and gloomify my blog :P

    Btw THE RAIN today...man it was out-of-the-world :)

  5. hehehe.

    gloominess reminds me my life is filled with it right now...i am hating school...i'll tell you later all about it...it's my stupid 'friends'. yeah the quotations were deliberate.

    I KNOW! ah rain rain. i love rain! and i had phuchka and tikia and egg roll yesterday :D

  6. Please explain ---- the flowchart

  7. @ma You have to go through the song first :)

    @ Shreya Agarwal Hey I've been to ur blog before. :) Btw I followed!!

    And yes it's awesome!!

  8. Maths paper easy? O_o Are you good at it, or it was really damn easy?

    Happy Holi!

  9. @Blasphemous Aesthete: she is pretty much too good at it. trust me. but then she ADORES it too :D

  10. @Blasphemous It was easy this time plus the fact I king-of love the subject. Same 2 u :) Hope ya have a blast!

    @Ria darling Too good? Gawd NO :| And I think adore is too big a word. Something like I have fun doing it :P ANd ur awesome at it too you knw!

  11. :P yeah i guess adore was really too big a word. and yes you ARE too good at it!

  12. @ria :D
    @LIveloveDressup I know ryt :)

  13. HOLI!! YAY!! :))

    Beatles! Like toh-tah-lee! \m/

    All the best for exams!

  14. @The Blue Periwinkle

    I love Periwinkles which is totally irrelevant :P

    Holi is the best. Hope you have an awesome one.

    Oh and you have a lovely blog! A pretty popular one...I saw 46 comments gosh :D


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