Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Fat Post Below :)

Shadowed Verses 

She slips out of her blankets
Hearing them whimper asleep
Her shadows cross dark corridors
Door to door, she creeps.

She’s unstoppable now,
All her heart now desires
To write under the candle light
Her passion high on fire.

She runs through her words
Draws stories in her head
They sleep in peace knowing
Naima has not gone ahead.

She cares of no one now
She leaves her qualms behind
Naima Ali, the upcoming writer
Is the picture she has in mind.

She remembers how they would torture her
Strangle her passion to death
She remembers the pain, the fear, the sweat
The obstacles, the walls they would set.

The pain she feels, the anger in her
She puts into her lines
Like a burning hearth that ignites the soul
Her words shout out her cries.

This is the Naima she dreams of
This is the Naima she strives to be
Through verses of love, she’ll topple weak walls
Which veiled her face, from the world to see.

Yesterday I had this "huge" emotional upsurge; very weird I tell you. Makes you go waaaaaaaaaa....but then brings out the poet in me which is a plus point. Made me write 2 poems and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out to be :P Ok I'm done with my haughtiness, so Enjoy and show some love through your comments :P

And I had NO idea Naima means tranquil. I had heard the name before and instantly loved it. Hence Naima Ali :)

Anddddd We play holi tomorrow. So Im superr duperrr excited. And Ujaan is in town and Koko is here too which makes things awesome. 

And I have PICS to share...Sam B meets her canon presents u these -

This was at Shankha's wild yet beautiful garden. Damned I don't remember the name of this beauty :P

Football at our terrace. Golu doing a super duper flip!

@Balarampur village. Mother India I call her!

My little cousin Tito; my only model for pics :P. I love him to pieces. 

Tito again.

The days of Film. Some old picture I found of baba in his college years. :) Memories.

Football @ our terrace. It can't get any better! I wish I wouldn't have cut off Golu's legs. Shit :P

Dida, one of the strongest people I know. She knows to live life. <3

Sam B and the cam. What can I say? I play around with it too much you see :|

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Holi once again!


PS All pics takes with a Canon EOS 500D


  1. Okay believe this, that film photo? I have one with me in it! My badi dada still has that camera so in one trip he clicked one for me. I've kept it so safely its so amazingg!

  2. Shreyaaa they are have to place them under the light and thrnsee through...and amongst all the digital pics NOW, this is super cool....I wish I had one with me in it :P :) Ive kept these vaulted up...preserving them I guess. :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Yesss! and oh wanna be some more jealous?
    I even have a Polaroid camera :D

  4. Shit man. Ur a lucky girl. I wish I wish I had one. Yes U made me Jealous :P My dad gave away his Polaroid cam long back...even b4 I was born.What luck!

  5. I can absolutely relate to the girl in your poem. I LOVE IT. I can hear her pen scratching almost. :) You're very very talented you know that?

    And I LOVE golu's pic. It's just perfect.
    dang i want your cam. for keeps. :P

  6. Rhyming lines really come out fine when these surges are there, for me too.
    Nice one, may the young writer find herself soon.
    And nice clicks. :)
    You seem to get plenty of football. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Ah, that poem - Awesome.

    Those pics - Awesom-er.

    You - Awesom-est.


  8. @Antara I feel so great that you loved it :) And YOU are talented. You should be famous, you know that?

    And Golu's pic....He looks like an international player. That guy has gotten soo good at football. Srsly!:)

    And about the cam, It's my baby....It'll be hard to lend it to you, I'll try tho only for you sis :P ;)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Totally. I pray to have surges quite often. ;) And about football, it keeps me alive and driving! :D

    @The Blue Periwinkle

    Your writings - Amazing
    Your photography - Inspirational
    You - Totally awesome

    Thank god I found you ( However lame that sounds :P jk )

    Thankk youuuu :)

  9. @Sam:
    ok don't make me blush seriously. that's so totally an overstatement :P

    i know i saw him playing at tata steel :) and that should be framed...seriously!

    hahaha...even my camera is my baby :P even though it is a point and shoot, i love it to death. i would have preferred a dslr but then i'm very happy with what i got :) and you're getting better and better at taking photographs! :D


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