Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty One!

Hey :)
So finally I'll do a Fantabulous Feb post like it should be done, Check out Kanika's blog for details and join y'all!

Today's inspiration

My post : Imaginary lover

Someday I'll meet you by chance. The circumstances of our life will over the years bring us to a merged path. I imagine that from then on we will see the world differently. As I meet you, an aura of silence will spread. The  words that used to come out with ease somehow will not be exchanged. A blush, a quivering smile, a look away to gain composure. Somehow we will drop our guards and stare at each other, bright eyed...our gasps will be louder by the second. The sense of magic will be palpable. Dumbstruck, I'll see you come over; as the space between us will be diminished in the physical world and in our hearts. Our secrets will be out as whispers in the wind as we float like paper lanterns in the depths of our desires. 
All this while you will be quiet; as they say sometimes words are just not enough.

You can read Kanika's post for today, here.

That's my post for today :) and before I forget Happy Bday to my dearest of people, you are the Shizzzzz Ria. And hell yeah, words are not enough for the gratitude I feel towards you...will "I love you" do for now? :)

 To Ria *raises her tropicana* 18 yrs old! Man things are legal for you now toh; geez I'm jealous :P
*The biggest hug ever*


  1. oshadharon :) would love to write this good someday !

  2. Anuja thank you so much. I love what you write and you'll do wonders...mark my words. And I hate how I came out of today's plan...tomorrow you me and sanhita, hanging out over coffee and cake..isn't the thought warming as ever!

  3. Beautiful piece of writing...awestruck!

    WHAT THE HELLL ABOUT THE PICTURE GIRRRRL! :O :O Why do I frickin have moustache!!!! :O
    I look like my father :|

  4. @Antara

    I will read that as a "Thank you darling how nice of you to take time out of your packed schedule to edit me suchcha nice pic :P". Anwayyyy you sooo don't look like your dad. And I love youuuuuuuu....have the best of times.. Ar the chicken was ah-mazing! I wish you did not have boards and we could go out somewhere and get drunk or something. Tequila shots man...AHAHAHA!

  5. lovely post Sam!! loved reading it :)
    And Antara maharani is looking GREAT in a mustache :P :P
    ohhh... and BTW i LOVE the new look of your blog :)
    you rock as ever!!

    PS: i made a b'day post for TARA madam too :P :P
    and i think you would fall off your chair if you see the comments there :P :P

  6. and (in details) about your 'sometimes words are not enough'... i honestly feel now that words are not enough to express how much i loved what you wrote. i could feel the longing, the optimism quiver and reach my heart-your words to my heart :)
    (sorry if that sounds very silly and emotional :P)
    you have used such beautiful imagery in your words... awesome sam... simply awesome :)

  7. Kirtiiiiii yaaaaaar

    Obv I read ur post and the oh so long ever longer than the post comments..tum log toh ekdum pagal hi hooo....I loved how you described each and every detail of your friendship :)

    Ur suchcha nice and cool person Kirti, tere bare mein whatever I've heard from Antara, you're ekdum hamare jaise pagal crazyyy!!! And I have no idea whyy your posts are not coming up in my google reader very weird!!

    And thankss soo soo much for the kind words. You are a gifted writer, so coming from you; its such an honour :)
    Aur tu emotional jab ho jatiii hein..as in tara ki post pe ur even more cutee yaaa...OKAY I MIGHT BE AT a position where I'm half the size of tum log ke lambe comments. SEE I TRIEDDD :P

    anyway Thanks again girl :) Made my day!!

  8. Oy i am the responsible adult...can't take you out for tequila shots nowwwww :-P :-P
    jk jk...totally waiting for the time when we'll just let it...you know...go ;) tequila with lemon.


  9. @Antara

    I am a patriotic person who respects the country's love for hindi and hence I succumb myself to learn the obscure *no harm meant* gender problems with the language. Inanimate objects having a gender...don't get it and will not..but still I try :P

    Is that reason enuf? :P

  10. Daroon likhechish! :)

    and aww the pictureeeeeeeee. Are mustaches the best or what :D

  11. @Nil

    Thanks re. I knowww bestest! :)


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