Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 29th day of Fantabulous February!

Heyloo Guys,

It's the very last day of Feb, and the end of Fantabulous February!! You will be missed dearly, I swear. 
Anyway moving on to today's inspiration which by the way is very appropriate considering its that one extra day today!

The leap of faith

Every day at 6 in the morn, Kamal would scurry up the hill in his torn pair of Batas, bustling through the Deodars; reaching his everyday spot just by the banks of the Teesta. Amongst the gurgle, burble and the splash his eyes would juggle between looking up and checking the time from his crooked watch every once in a while. He couldn’t wait as the time had come. The rush of Adrenaline. The leap of faith.

"Jumping heights" has been working in Sikkim for two years now. With its base over the gushing Teesta below, it is a must visit for every adrenaline junkie far and near. Single-handedly, under the efforts of Sameer shah, a professional Bungee jumper from Australia, "Jumping heights" is the country’s first cantilever bungee platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking the lifeline of Sikkim, the emerald Teesta.

Kamal couldn’t wait as he saw hordes of people gathering over the cliff; all geared up and ready. He knew the whole story behind every jump. Standing on the edge, people would look down into the rocks, the daunting shallow river below. He would scrutinize every person up there, there mind screaming out fears of: What if the cord snaps? What if I hit my head? What if? He would watch as Sameer would delicately assure the person of no such fear. With legs tied up, the guy would take baby steps and and hold on to the iron guard; unable to let go.

Falling is the only decision that makes us think twice. To release or not?  To stop still or to hear the loud thumping under our chest.

“Ready 1,2,3…bunjee” Kamal could hear Sameer shout; the waiting jumpers join in. First take, the person doesn’t jump. The trainer shouts words of support. “You can do it. It’s all in the mind” Once again, “Ready one, two, three..Bungee” and he plunges into the valley, shouting his lungs out.

The process would go on, every jump, every leap of faith, every release was ultimate solace to Kamal. He knew he’d never be able to join in; what with the 10 ruppee note in his second hand shorts. He scurried up the hill heading back home chuckling to what Bhaijaan had said the other day; “Kamal it’s okay to not do the bungee; you should be knowing that driving in India is much riskier than jumping off a cliff.” However absurd that sounded, he somehow knew that was true.
He bid the Teesta farewell for the day and to his prospect to feel alive with promises of being back tomorrow, to feel the rush one more time, to feel the infinite.


Waiting for your feedback! 
Bungee jumping has been in my bucket list right up the ladder and being a harcore adrenaline jumkie I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT! It gets to me even when I'm typing this over here. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT..whenever it is. Anyway, I hear Soumi is going to host the MEMORABLE MARCH! So exciting. Kanika, it's been a lovely journey...though I've started pretty late, it's been fab! 
And a big SHOUTOUT to ANTARA, KIRTI, NIL, RUHANI, PEABEE ...and whoever else is giving the dreadful BOARDS tomorrow. Chill guys and do your bestest! 

Stay calm and take the leap forsureeee,


  1. ahh......u never stop mesmerizing me wd your writings :) lovely... has a thrill to it :) it clicks nd has a DIL :) darun :D

  2. @Tanya Mukherjee

    FIRST TO COMMENT EVERY SINGLE TIME. Thanks babe for suchcha dhinchaaak comment :) U just made my 29th! Now buckle up and POST!

  3. Thanks a lot! :D
    But its PeaBee. You can understand why I prefer "Pea" over "Pee", Im sure :P

  4. @Priyanka Banerjee Geez! Did I srsly write that?! :P Editing right away!

  5. @tanya mukherjee

    Loved urs totally! ( I'm testing the reply button :P )

  6. You are awesome.

    Hope March is equally good!!!

    ∞ © ∞

  7. @Tanvi
    You are awesome-er!

    Hope so :)

  8. You are hell lott awesome!! i wud like to be a part of ur adventures some day! lets go skydiving nd bungee after this last year @ skool! wud u like to join us for our journey '100 places to see before you die' :D

  9. @Saurav

    WOOTS mannn! First comment. Obv I'll come along...what do you expect?

    And thanks a bunch!! And come ol on fb!

  10. Happy Leap Year! =)

  11. Sammy! This was beautiful :')

    Thanks for the luck, m'love. Next month is going to be a leap of faith for all of us 12th graders for sure :)

    Again, this was really really beautiful. :)

  12. ^I agree with every word of that. :)

  13. @nil

    Ah Nil, thanks so much...hope English went awesome for ya!

  14. OKay, that was a very unique piece of work.. I haven't exactly come across a writing of that sort. Write more when you have the time, you show promise.
    Take care of yourself.. and hey, thanks for remembering that I had my Boards as well! :P
    See ya around

  15. @Remya

    Remya so damn sorry for flipping your name out of my mind. Here goes a grand Best Of Luck to rid yourself from Kapil Sibal and his bandwagon :)

    And thank you. I hope to keep on writing.

  16. Wow! That was so refreshing!
    P.S.I posted first inspiration of the week. Feel free to check the details on my blog and mail me your link by tomorrow night. I'll update by midnight tomorrow. Happy blogging!

  17. @Soumi
    Soumi damn sorry, didn't get time last week. Next week imma try!


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