Monday, February 20, 2012

Fantabulous (not!) February - DAY 20!

Dear readers, ( Pardon my boring greetings )

There is nothing Fantabulous about this drab February morning.
Reason: Exam tomorrow.

Anyway I have this new blog look and have some productive work to flaunt off while I am off giving a 3 hr test :P Here you go, 6 sketches I did...note that I've not sketched before this and so am beginning hence honest criticism will be appreciated.

See you soon,

Sam B


  1. SAM! Blog looks killlaaahhh, yo. Really. Lovin' the new look babe.

    And hoots! Good stuff there, them sketches :)

  2. Ooh that's some wonderful work! :)
    Following you up :)

  3. @nil Yeah, needed a change..the green was getting to me. Thanks man :)

  4. @Ruhani

    I've been reading ur blog for a long time now, never got to commenting. :P I'm a shithead that wayy..I love ur posts and the pictures :) thanks for following up!


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