Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Two!

Hello Fellas,

I started out crappy with the Fantabulous Feb, but 2 posts back to back is not bad, eh? 

Today's inspiration! 
(Definitely saving this pic..Ruhani sahi hai yaar :))

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ― Galileo Galilei

I wish my life was as simple as Judy's next door. I wish I wouldn't have to see glasses shatter at quiet dining spaces; wallpapers scraped away from the wall; I wish promises of life long love to each other would not be broken in fits of insecurity; I wish Tess would not have to witness situations that would give up his faith in love and family at such a small age like I already had. I wish each and every night wouldn't be a new episode of watching my family crumbling to pieces. And the worst thing is how nothing can be me and Tess just walk away from the room whenever we have an inkling that the skies will be rough tonight; we try to drift into our own in my thoughts; Tess in his music. We knew that someday not far away the final words will be said; but no we were not ready today. The proceedings were undertaken. For one last time, we were all huddled into the drawing room; with the same old fireplace burning for the last 21 years. Me and Tess were told to listen to their decision; a decision we already knew but tried to forget with all our might. Ours minds were not functioning to words of comfort " This decision will not affect you know we love you..don't you?" Transfixed, we nodded throughout. Then came the showering of how they were sorry and had not planned this and then my mind stopped to register. I think I saw them start their same routine once again forgetting the whole reason behind this Friday night gathering. I pulled Tess by his sleeve and took him to my safe abode; the place that had given me shelter to nights like these; sitting under the hood of our car we watched the sky, connecting dots midst the vast frozen expanse of unreachable stars....
We had loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. 

Again, check out Kanika's post!
Wrote this in a hurry, could have done better I guess. But I have limited time this time of the year (read exams) :/ And whoever is interested give it a try.

Have an amazing Wednesday,
Sam B


  1. The picture is LOVE.
    Ruhani, kickass job,youuu!

    And sammy,

    "We had loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."


  2. @Nil
    Yes I have been completely in awe with the picture.
    I wish you would have the time to participate in this...would totally have taken it to a new level!

  3. this was done in a hurry? :P dont tell me! oshadharon :) love!

  4. you so flatter me :) And I'm waiting for your post to pop up!

  5. Yaaaay! Thanks, you guys! :*
    And "could have done a better job"? Really? i think it was pretty damn awesome. Love your interpretation of the picture! :)

  6. Thanks Ruhani :) Waiting for your update!

  7. You guys have already taken this to an oh-so-fantabulously-insanely-awesome level.

    I will like sucha douche for not being able to participate :(

  8. Holy crap. This was GOOOOOOOOD!
    May I say that your writing has improved by so many folds in the past couple of months? Because it totally has. And this...was wonderful.

    I am loving this fantabulous february...what fabulous posts from everyone!

  9. you said you wrote this in a hurry?? that is so hard to believe!!
    firstly, the photo is MASTTT...and so is Ruhani's blog!! makes me kind of wish that i could participate in Fabulous February too (cursing class 12)

    secondly,this post was MASTT too :)

  10. @nil We'll be having this again I suppose and then you'll be in college? Have you thot abt THAAAAAT WOW!

  11. @ Priyanka Banerjee Thankyooo :)

  12. @ N.S.Kirti You should have! Would loved it!

  13. @Antara

    I have to agree. I think it has improved. Anyway Thank you as always, you are faaar tooo kinddd!


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