Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fantabulous February - DAY 14!

3rd post of the month, not worth scrutinizing me okay? Peace hain! :P * @ roshni wink wink *

Well, as today is THE Valentine's day, what are your plans?? Nil, Antara andddd Remyaaa, I hope you guys are NOT studying your asses off; are your valentines your 6 kg books or is there this pwetty boy waiting by the door with a limo parked by your house and a flower held behind his back. I'm going for the latter! :P

As for me, I had this amazing start to V-day. Starting with helping Golu with some gift picking, guys are so screwed up as far as WHAT to give :P, then we went off to the local sweet shop which thankfully had not wrapped at 9.30 pm and bought chocolates and malpoa. AHAHA! There were shops with heart shaped PINK, RED pillows, balloons, flowers everywhere. Crazy times in this little town of ours. And you should have seen the cards, they were huge...I mean for some girl ( Let's consider hypothetically this girl being someone who has to disclose her relationship status from people at home ) if she would have got something that huge would have a hard time shoving it at some place in her room.

Anyway, then we bought 1 rose and 2 name-not-known-2-me flowers and this is the bestttt part, we ran back home and called our moms and golu's grandma to the little space we have in front of our house and presented them flowers. Cutest thing ever...then you know about overwhelmed bong moms, how they squeeze you soo hard with their hugs that you can't even hug them but instantly have your hands up to the sky crying for help then those sloppy kisses OH GOD.

Statutory warnings: Beware of bengali aunties moms whatever if then get so damn happy with you, YOU then have to run away from them, don't wait for the "aay ekhane shona". :P Thank me later! Golu, amazing start to Valentine's day!
And I know this one day concept of spreading love and all is damn absurd, but its nice to be pampered with chocolates maybe or getting this book that you wanted for ages wrapped in a beautifully handmade paper bag or watching this big run of rom coms back to back on HBO. ( If you have nothing else to do, checkout for the movies)

I'm thinking on the lines of watching HBO, with a bucket of chocolate ice cream, chilling with friends OH OH OH before this completely evaporates out, I AM OFF FIITJEE FOR 2 whole weeks. I could shout out my love for life off my terrace, HAPPY DANCING throughout the day.

For the ones alone this year :
FUNN eh?
And to the others getting all decked up for theeee night, dahlingggggsssss this one is for you!

A little Gleeee for you!
And for people like meeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Anyway whichever one you are, go spread the pyaar, and hope you have a lovey-dovey-stinkingly-mushy-making-people-around-u-squirm day
Kisses from me and the besttt cupcakes evaaa



  1. "Fuck it. I'll buy myself some chocolate for valentine's day" it is! :D

  2. I REALLY like your blog! Why havent I been here before?! Wtf is wrong with me? Im an idiot.
    we have sooo much in common! I just went through your list of thing you like. Hi5 for a lot of things! Except like the sports stuff :P
    Do you like glee too? (Please say yes) :D
    And we're both Bengalis!
    Yay! Im getting too excited. Maybe even creepy. My apologies :P

  3. Oh and that thing about emotional Bong moms is SO true! Lol :D

  4. @Priyankaaaaaaaaaa

    Hey girl, HIIII! I know youu, cos I've been to your blog and I remember the pokemon post you had written!

    And I loveeee youuuu for that creepyyy comment :P Hope I'm being wayy more creppy than you what with the aaaa and the yyyy 's :P
    ANdI LOVE GLEE. Was obsessed with glee quite some time.

    Hope to see you here more often.
    SAM B

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    I called you and then I called you. First time you were sleeping..second time line never connected. I have been worrying about you.

    My day was spent sneezing. And then a good dose of antihistamine and then sleep.
    I had 103F fever this weekend. So couldn't call then. And then 45 relatives came over (not fun) for the batshorik (thamma's)

    2 weeks off? Awesome! Plus you have your finals too right?

    Aah you seem to have had a great Valentine's Day. :-D I don't think I have ever done one properly :-P


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