Sunday, November 28, 2010


I raaaaaaaaaaan today.....burnt some calories....I'll be back in shape....wait and watch!

Had a dreadful 7 hr long test today. I know! 7! Yes impossible thing..but well it's true. Had 'Sheila ki Jawani' in my freakin head throughout the chem exam :P Yes Farah Khan ...Tees Maar khan did somehow find itself in my chem paper. ......:P

Quite similar 

Gawd it's over...Thank you!

Hope next year I'll do much much better.

Did watch KWK today. Farah Khan is hilarious and soo out spoken. What is a talk show without the spice eh? ;)

And tomorrow there's games at school :) EEEEEEEEP :P

And btw it's an awesomeeeeeee feeling after running some miles. Soo worth all the workout :)

Goodnight people,

Be fit and in'll lead a muchhh happier life


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