Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday well spent!

Well, today was a nice sunny Sunday I had :D

Morning : Had a lovely time at Golu's...chatted with dida. :D Went to the terrace...took some good pics. Annapurna had come, twirling around in a floral white frock. She's such a sweetheart. Missed Arya Sir's party :( :P But well its okay...had a great sunny morning none-the-less.

Afternoon: Was on the balcony...sitting on the oh-so-very comfortable chair with a book on my lap. :)

Evening: Went to play football...I think I'm a lot better now. Football is a better medicine than all the gross shitty stuff the doctor suggested :P

Late Evening : Finally finished writing my practicals :P And then went to Golu's again for some more adda and lots of silly laughter free :) They made fun of my linguistic capabilitites....not funny :P 

And coming to the main part....It's my bulam mama's wedding tomorrow.  And I am super duper excited!!!!!!!!! So packed all the lehengas and saris that I will be wearing. There'll be fooooooooood in unlimited amounts which makes me shout :)  Be jealous guys! I am having the time of my life. 3 days BLISSSSS!

And will try to catch HP 7. And it's mum dad's anniversary :) 19 years :D  I wish them a happy life ahead!

And to you people out there...
Hope you guys are also enjoying in your own respective ways...

ps Have tons of pics to upload ...just wait for them....


  1. Happy Anniversary to kaku and kakima...sorry for being sooo very late :((((

    linguistic capabilities??? dying to know what that means!!!

  2. I was late in wishing as well :P don't worry :P

    Ah will tell you later.. :P


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