Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another new look!

The reason behind the frequent new looks of my blog is that I like to experiment and get bored easily with a look. :P Same reason behind my profile pictures on facebook.

This picture I lurvvvveeeeeeeee.....probably my favoritest person on this planet - Tito clicked this one.

The pic reminds me of my grandparent's place at Korunamoyee, Kolkata. I associate some of my best memories with the place and hence the pic brings in me a big nostalgic attack.

Sitting on the french windows, sipping cups of coffee turned cold because of the excess chatting :P listening to long lost stories from my grandparents....playing with Tito, being a very strict teacher, looking around at all the flats around our many thoughts just come out looking at the picture.

I love my dadu and dida :)

I love you tito :)

I NEED my dadu to get well soon :(



  1. your dadu will get well :) tell him to be strong...with a lot of willpower. because it works wonders, i know! :)love you!!!

  2. Love you back and yes he will!

  3. Everything will be fine.. and I LOVE this post and LOVE the picture. Seriously. I totally adore it.

  4. Thanks Sarah... love you back :)


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