Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I can crack up in any sec!

How many more fucking days is this whole thing going to go on?

I am seriously MAD and pissed off. What do you expect me to do? Fall on ur knees and start crying!

It's been like 2 months already. Bloody immature people!

And why am I blamed because of your position on the volleyball court?

And why is that you act as if I don't exist and the next moment you're like " Why are you angry? ...What did I do?"

Bloody damned....The thing you do is act completely opposite at one time...and next time you're fine again.

Last evening was soo great...we actually its back to the whole stupid thing again!

MAN! I hate it...I hate it....Makes me wanna tear paper and crumble the pieces and make the pieces vanish!

And a bloody SORRY does not work...makes me even more angry!

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