Saturday, November 13, 2010

Before I forget...( Dedicated to our very own ASB )

I want to congratulate my dear friend...the genius...the extraordinary...the one of a kind ASB aka Shankha aka mota for his incredible achievements for which we had to hurt our hands by clapping and stand on our legs in the assembly till all his achievements were being announced ( which took a long long time because of the long list of achievements ) . They just didn't stop with the announcements and the medals and the cash prizes. I have no idea how he is this genius...and frankly I envy him a lot. :P

Jokes aside, Congratulations :) And we are very very happy for your incredible-ness.

But Gawd, keep a quota or something on the amount of prizes and whatever you are earning...because think abt me getting 450 and you something like 3900...complex hoy sala! :P 2000 I can manage...but freakin 4 grands NO! :P It's like you'll have money to feast on phuchka for 400 days and me 40 :(

Anyways thanks for the treat... are an awesome friend :D

Keep on moving it ;)


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