Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali guys :)

Tomorrow is the festival of lights and though I am not excited like I should be ( because of tons of stupid things happening in my life right now ) but still there is this feeling of 'something good will happen' in the near future.

My life is in like a good-bad state and its killing me as well as giving me the best moments I could expect.

Well, I'll stop eating your mind and let's all have a blast this diwali. Forget about your worries and just LIVE!

Burn crackers, burst ur eardrums, EAT, go 'adda' with ur frnds and have an awesome time with ur loved ones.

And one of my best frnd will be coming tom to kharagpur and I love her soo much. Isha, we will have a great time :).

At IIT every diwali...we have this thing called an illu-rangoli competition. This competition just shows how much talent these guys have here. It's breathtaking and worth- a - watch!

Bye for now..


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