Saturday, November 13, 2010

The penguin book sale @ progressive

Ditching the ohh-soo-boring and BAD scholastic book fair going on right now at our school premises, we went off to savor penguin books given out at a sale of 30% at our very own Progressive at tech market.

We as in me, shankha and Golu :D Progressive is one of the only two bookshops here in IIT. It has got mostly academic stuff but there are stocks of some very few :P recent books too. And I am soo thankful for this penguin sale thing.

This is like the most awesome thing that could happen to our little bookshop. In progressive, if you are in urgent need of a specific book you just have to order the book and they'll bring the book for you. But man, for the book to come it'll take ages...and who doesn't like to go to a bookshop and  flip through the pages of a nice old storybook and want to buy it? Well, this doesn't happen here. Here you have to WAIT. And you'll be very much lucky if your specific book by any chance in there in the tiny collection of books the store generally holds.
So it really is "a once in a blue moon" thing.

But well today was a different story, after all there was a freaking book sale that we went too. There were books and books which were actually story books and not the usual thermodynamics, refrigeration stuff. There was recent stuff, some novels, books of a wide range of genres. Not to forget...The big fat BIBLE.

Amitav Ghosh, Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl, Orhan Pamuk, Larrson, Shobhaa De and many many more were there on the racks of Progressive.

We bought 3 books. Me two...Golu one fat one.

Shankha went through the collection, picked some, read random pages from the bible, and found out the perfect Lolita for Karmakar. He's going to buy his picks later.

So we all sat on the dusty floor in Progressive and with keen eyes scurried through the racks and I guess went through the whole collection.

And me being a book mark collector, 2 more precious bookmarks have been added to my collection. And the best part is that they are HARRY POTTER ones :) Thanks Golu for the maroon one. Shankha advanced thanks :D

There's one with a phoenix and the other with a gold potion bottle on it.

The books bought :

Gifted this to my mom with the Olympiad money I had got .
Golu's buy.

Bought this for myself...I love his writings :D
Now, if you haven't yet been to the sale...go cycle to tech and go through the books. You won't be disappointed. I'll rant about IIT not having a proper library later...I have soo much to say on that :P

Anyways, The whole visit to the bookstore was great. I'm planning to drop by progressive again in the evening.

Till my next post,

Read to your heart's desire...


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