Monday, November 8, 2010

This Diwali - Hum Paach! :)

Heyy people,

I just have to tell you about the last 3 days I've had. They went like a blur...a high speed rocket! :)

I am totally true to my words when I say I had a blast. Isha was here in kharagpur to experience diwali our style and she loved it to the core.

The days went by with me, isha and golu gossiping, chatting the whole day on our terrace which I tell you has the  awesomemest view. I mean make a visit to our flat just to be on the terrace. The best time is preferably when it's dark. It's beautiful I mean suddenly you hear the train passing by. ( btw the train line goes by our area! ) And even better in diwali you can see all the houses right beside ours shimmering in the diwali tuni bulbs and lights. And the cool breeze adding to the experience, it's pure amazement! :)

Ok other than goofing arnd on the terrace..we had long scooty rides. Isha was asked what she loved about the whole trip...and she like totally had the scooty ride part on top of the list. Living in a city like kol, you hardly can experience the fun on a simple scooty ride...but here we don't miss it. So isha too got a taste of the scooty scooting through the green lanes of our beautiful campus. At like 60 kmph, double carrying her....toured her through the campus. And she said Golu's a better tour guide but I'm a better driver :P

The food these three days was CHICKEN AND CHICKEN AND CHICKEN...couldn't get any better. We had sprite, breakfast's at tikka, lunch at someone's house. All in all GOOD FOOD!

And coming to the crackers. Chocolate bombs were the biggest hit. We burst crackers on our palms and got hurt but that didn't stop us from going on with the celebrations!

Shankha and Anwesha joined in and we went crazy on the terrace, on the bed ( dude don not think the obvious :P ) and we laughed our hearts out and cracked the most perverted jokes available :P

Illumination - rangoli was great! Took pics :)

Isha's hilarious walking style to Shankha's problem with his eyesight ; Anwesha's relation to cadbury double shots to mine with the number 6 :P Golu's incessant wants to be with sexy girls the whole day to all 5 of us struggling to fit in our bed :P This diwali rocked! :D

I love all these 5 gems :)

The lateee night rangoli done by moushumi mashi and me!

Hope you people had a great diwali !!



  1. I LOVE your blog's new layout and more than anything else i ADORE your header. it's LOVELY!
    gosh i missed meeting Isha. why didn't you tell me :((

  2. Thanks a ton! :D

    Next time...I'll make you meet her..for sure!

    Btw new post! Finally! Im reading :P


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