Monday, November 15, 2010

The blue tent :D

I wish I had the little blue tent
With a window and a door
And a idiot with a big ass inside..
I wish I had the tent!

The idiot inside won't be needed
He smells bad and is stupid
But the blue tent is a paradise
I wish I had the tent!

I would lay it under the night sky
The stars would be twinkling high
The tent would be my sole friend..
I wish I had the tent!

But mota has the tent..
And he plans of sleeping in it tonight
How do I stop feeling jealous of him
Gawd, I wish I had the tent!

So what I'm doing is writing about my worries
Of the idiot sleeping in the blue tent
I'll dream of a much bigger blue one
But I still want the blue tent!

I am BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( And I WANT THE TENT.......SHANKHA! TENT!

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