Friday, November 19, 2010

The "chadd"!

Yes the terrace of this new flat is my haven; my refuge :)

And today we ( me, golu and bau ) went on our terrace at 5 in the evening to have fun with the football!

 And from showing off skills, to tackling each other to playing one touch evening of football on this terrace which has a view of the whole green wilderness around our flat is an ideal one...!

Till it got dark outside, till our legs got all white and dirty due to the cement, till the moon on top was smiling high, till the the last bites of "munch" were enjoyed....the terrace served us with open arms :D

I love my terrace!

Some pics of a day on the terrace...had taken my baby (d500) along with me :)

The skyyyyyyyyy

Golu looking uppppp!

A part of the view!

Part of the terrace...the tanks are there!

The trash tunnel aka the spit tunnel ;)

The terrace below..


Lightening conductorrrr


  1. spit tunnel...awwwesome! :P

    ah...Golu...India's Next Top Model :P

  2. spit tunnel ... :D Loads of fun! We should have a spit contest...if you get the idea!

    And Golu is a handsome guy for sure ;)


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