Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just confused and stressed out...

Yes..I am confused, sad, irritated, hurt etc about what has gotten into me recently. I am thinking too much about a certain thing and putting too much pressure on myself. I have to ignore and maybe start stop thinking about whatever I am thinking. Gawd, It's soo irritating...and it would be better if certain people act normally. :|

Anyways had a blast today evening. Played soccer and baddy. Mantu kaka is an amaaazing footballer. Taught me and Golu tricks :) Guli is great :D Had fun!!
Mota today tied up my cycle with 3 effin pieces of cloth. And there were like 4 knots in each cloth. Damn him! :P

Anyways I love my two friends...couldn't do without them. Gawd I should stop thinking this much and stop hurting myself....

My head is jammed and I am not well that way. I'll try to become sane..

Sam B

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